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High Quality

Togu Knives bond a tough stainless cladding around a core of high-cobalt, VG-10 steel. Our knives are designed with European comfort and crafted with Japanese skill. They're all you need to make the most of your kitchen skills. 

Hand Sharpened

We sharpen and polish every knife by hand on a series of ceramic whetstones. This deliberate, incremental process means that our knives are sharp, and they'll stay that way.

Delivered To Your Door

Never be without your tools. Before you realize the edge is wearing, a freshly sharpened knife will arrive at your door. Replace the old knives in the custom packaging, drop it in the mailbox, and get back to cooking.

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Cyrus has long been a kitchen knife and cooking enthusiast. His first knife was a gift from his dad: a French made Opinel with a beechwood handle and carbon steel blade. This sparked a bit of an obsession, and while most children were collecting Pokemon cards, Cyrus’s (concerned) parents had to limit his pocket knife purchases to one per year.

Since then his collection has grown, and his love of cooking has led him to work in professional kitchens (including a stage at the venerable Chez Panisse in Berkeley). He began sharpening chisels and planes while studying joinery with Jay Van Arsdale in berkeley, and has been hand sharpening knives for over a decade. He started Togu in 2018 after witnessing his friends’ frustration with the state of their knives; It was clear that there was no convenient and effective way for home chefs to keep their knives sharp, so Cyrus decided to build one. Out of this necessity Togu was born.