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Meet Alex

We sat down with Alex to talk about her experience with Togu Knives, and share one of her favorite recipes. Here's our interview, which has been edited for clarity.

How did you learn about Togu?

My sister Brittany got me a gift subscription for togu as a housewarming gift. I think she got it for me because I use a lot of sharp blades at work and she thought they would be a good addition to my kitchen. I loved the service so much that I’ve kept it going after the six month gift.

And what is that field of work?

I work as a pathologist’s assistant so I use scalpel blades and other knives at work all the time.

Wow, so you’re pretty familiar with the importance of sharp knives.

Absolutely. I can’t safely do my job without them.

This might be a weird one, but is there a type of meat in the grocery store that reminds you of the stuff you cut at work, and do you still eat that meat?

Yes. It’s steak. Specifically skirt steak. And yes, I do eat it (LOL)

Ok, moving back into your kitchen. What is your favorite dish to prepare with your knives?

I make a lot of chicken cutlets at home and I use the Santoku knife to cut my own ultra thin cutlets from the chicken breast. These knives are amazing for it because they are always sharp and always cut through the breast like butter. With my old knives it was hard to get a thin and even cutlet and now it’s 1000% better.

What types of cooks do you think would benefit from Togu knives?

Honestly I think everyone could benefit from something like Togu. I’m probably more of a beginner, but it’s great that I always have a sharp knife and it’s one less thing to worry about. I used to run into issues in the kitchen and didn’t even realize that my knives were the problem. I never have to fish around to find the sharpest knife in the drawer, I always grab the Togu’s and can just keep going.

Did you think your knives were dull before you got Togu?

I never really noticed how dull my knives were before I got Togu. I thought yeah, they’re not great, but I assumed that most knives were like that unless I was going to spend thousands of dollars. But then I got Togu and now I realize how dull every other knife is.

What was it like receiving your first delivery?

The knives are beautifully packaged. It’s super exciting every time I get them. It’s not like the knives ever get dull, but when you pull out the new one and make the first cut it feels super satisfying.

How do you feel about the exchange process?

The exchange process is super easy. I can literally exchange them without ever having to leave my house. I get them from the mailbox, take out the new knives, put your old knives back in, and put it back in the mailbox. It’s very simple.

Al's Famous Cutlets:


1 egg

1 pound or about 2 chicken breasts

1 cup breadcrumbs - try Italian seasoning

1 package of onion soup mix - trust her

Splash of milk

Kosher salt and pepper, to taste

Avocado Oil or other neutral oil, for frying

Lemon wedges for serving


1. Alex likes her cutlets impossibly thin and beautifully crisped. She shoots for 1/8 to 1/4 in. For a juicier cutlet aim a little thicker but tune it to your liking

2. Combine the egg & milk and dip the chicken cutlets

3. Combine soup mix, salt, and breadcrumbs and coat the chicken

4. Heat avocado oil in a shallow frying pan, enough to cover the entire chicken cutlet.

5. Cook until browned on both sides!