• What is Togu?

    • Togu is a kitchen-knife subscription service. As a customer, you pay a monthly fee and we will ship you sharp knives on a recurring basis.

  • What knives can I get from Togu?

    • Togu currently offers a set containing a 170mm (7") santoku style all-purpose knife and a 90mm (3.5") parer.

  • How much does Togu cost?

    • Togu costs $6 per week. Customers are billed every eight weeks.

  • How are the knives delivered?

    • Knives will be delivered via USPS. When the package arrives you will remove the new knives, replace them with the old set, apply the pre-paid shipping label, and drop it back in your mailbox.

  • How do I cancel my subscription?

    • If you would like to cancel your subscription please login to your account, and choose the option to cancel. Togu will provide you with packaging and instructions to return your last set of knives.

  • What happens if I lose or damage the knives?

    • Accidents happen. If knives are damaged please let us know and we will attempt a repair at no cost. If knives are lost, you will be charged a fee of $125 per missing knife.

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