The Gift of Sharp

The Gift of Sharp

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The perfect gift for the chef in your life–sharp knives. A set of one Japanese chef’s knife and one paring knife will be sent and seamlessly replaced every eight weeks so they are always sharp. Your foodie friend will delight in the ease of the process, and think of you every time they glide through a ripe tomato, or slice into their holiday roast.

*Upon purchase your recipient will receive a gift box with a sign-up code enclosed. You will also receive the code via email if you prefer to deliver your gift digitally.

  • Each blade is hand sharpened to produce the perfect edge and smoothest cutting feel every time
  • Seamlessly replaced every eight weeks so they are always sharp
  • A package arrives with sharp knives, the recipient replaces the dull ones, and drops it back in the mailbox for a frictionless exchange
  • One 170mm Santoku style all purpose knife for the majority of cuts
  • One 90mm paring knife for delicate tasks
  • Constructed from hard and durable VG-10 steel so they can take a fine edge and hold it longer

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